Friday, August 28, 2009

Craft Time for Carissa

Today Carissa and I had the perfect opportunity to have a little craft time just her and I. I loved watching her in such deep thought while she was painting the caterpillar (aka egg carton). This was such a great craft for her. She surprised me with her patience and she followed direction so well. We are definitely going to plan to make craft time during our week. She showed that she is more than ready to do it and is capable of following direction and it will allow her to get in touch with her ever growing creative mind. All that know Carissa know how creative and busy that mind is! I hope that you enjoy these pictures of our craft time!

First we painted:
From Craft with Carissa

Then decorated:
From Craft with Carissa

From Craft with Carissa

And here is our finished project:
From Craft with Carissa

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st Day of 1st Grade Update

Christopher was full of smiles when he he opened the door from his class room and saw that Mommy was standing there waiting for him. It was too cute when he had asked me if I waited outside all day for him. His teacher seems to be a wonderful lady and I introduced myself and asked how Christopher was. She said he was an absolute pleasure and she is sure that that they are going to have a great year. Christopher was eying this Kindergarten teacher so we had to say hello to her as well. Mrs. Hofmann is an absolutely amazing teacher and I am so glad that she lead Christopher's first experience of grade school. She really paved and awesome path for Christopher and I am sure that Mrs. Blacke will too. Cheers to an amazing school year.

On a side note I am extra excited as I am only working part time and plan on volunteering for the PTA this year. I want to be "that Mom". I am so thrilled to have this opportunity and I am sure that I will fully enjoy it as well Christopher as atleast while he is young.

First Grade here we come!

How is it possible that Christopher has headed off to 1st grade? It just amazes me that my oldest is already in first grade. I know that doesn't seem like a big deal to those that are sending their first born to high school or college but let me tell you it is! I asked Christopher yesterday what would he like for breakfast and he decided on pancakes. So pancakes it was! He ate great and was just so excited to go to school today. I think i was just as excited. I love to see the smile on his face and I love to see him interact with all his friends. Christopher is such a clone of my Mom and it makes me so happy. He makes friends with everyone he meets. Puts a smile on his face and will say hi to everyone. He is such a calm-natured loving little man and for that I am so proud.

Enjoy a few pictures of his first day of 1st grade!