Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finding Time

When I started this blog I had great intentions of keeping it up to date. I really did. I don't know how time escapes us to fast but here we are already in July! July... I think to myself how is it possible at 7 months of 2010 is already gone! Next month Carissa will be in Kindergarten and Christopher in 2nd grade. Cody is going to be so lost without his big sissy there to lead him to the way of trouble! But I know my house will enjoy her being in school. She is my child that gets her little hands into everything under the roof! Everything, actually even things that are not under the roof but outside. If it has a sign Do not touch she is the one that just must touch it!

I have a ton of pictures that I need to upload and a ton of updating I want to do. No promises but I will try to update nightly until I am "up to date". I have even set up a reminder on my phone. Lets see if that helps me! I really enjoy reading blogs now I just need to get better at being a blogger! We'll see right...