Friday, February 27, 2009

Who is that lady with glasses?

So I am not one to wear glasses but I figure with allthe change I am doing like getting my permit, got a new cell phone, why not get glasses when I was at the Optometrist. Of course I got more contacts too but now my poor little eyes can rest!

Check me out!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jolly Jumping Cailynn

Last night I had a ton of laundry to put away and Cailynn has become quite the spoiled little princess. But how do you not spoil the little thing that just smiles from ear to ear when you make eye contact with her. So I decided why not try the jumper? I put her in her and it was way to low. Poor little girls knees folded under her. I get Gary to help me adjust the dang thing and then she starts to go boing boing (is that even a word?)! Loving it! She stayed in there for an hour while the other kiddos decided it was who can make the most funniest face time. Here are pictures of last night.

Happiest little girl in her jumper!
Ofcourse I had to take a bunch of her first time in her jumper. To see her jumper fun CLICK HERE.

Even under the weather Christopher wants to make a funny!

Crazy crossed eyed Carissa with her juice mustache!

Big Eyed Cody in on the fun too!

All three crazy kiddos!

So that was last night. Well tonight I was changing Cailynn and she was just laughing at me so I decided to pull out the camera. She was cracking up! Boy, is she a ticklish little lady!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


OK... OK... For all that don't know, I do not drive. Yes, I am a 27 year old mom of four and I still do not drive. It is all about to change. The story leading up to me getting my permit is pretty funny!

On Saturday everyone in the family decided it was gang up on Nicki day about me not driving. We agreed that I would need to get my permit and get it soon. I had no idea then how soon it was going to happen.

Fast forward to Sunday night. Gary walked into Tilly's to buy a hat and noticed his wallet was gone. Not good! That night I had to call the banks and cancel his cards and all that fun stuff and on Monday we had to go to the DMV to get him a new license. I had to pay because I was the one with a valid check card still. While we were there I decided what the heck, lets take the permit test. Totally thinking I was going to fail I take it. Turn it in and the lady looks at it and a minute later announced that I PASSED! HA - So I am now a permitted driver and my license will soon be after!
OH and Gary found his wallet. We called Tilly's and there it was!

Little Bit of Everything!

So when I started this I was just getting use to the whole blogging a post thing and only knew how to add one picture and it look good. So this post is going to be an update of all sorts!

Cailynn has increased the amount of Mommy's Milk so we decided it was time to try rice cereal on Thursday Feb 19th, 2009! Four and a half months seems to be about when all of mine get rice cereal.

Cailynn actually enjoys it! She must be like her Mommy and Grandma Karen! I still like it and Grandma Karen did too! Here is an o' so cute picture of her enjoying her rice cereal.

Yum Yum to the tum tum! - Click here for a slide show of Cailynn enjoying her rice cereal!

I already mentioned Cody's Birthday BBQ. But here is the link to view the slide of all the pictures of the little man and the family. We really did just have a great time at the BBQ. It was nice that it was just family. We really got to sit down and enjoy!

Sunday early afternoon we all went to visit Mom and Lin. We met Tina, Sarah, Jacob, Michael and Liz at the cemetery. It is always nice to have a little bit of relaxing time up there.
Christopher and Jacob

To see all of the pictures which include more of Cailynn, Tina, Carissa, Sarah here is the slideshow.

I have another update but Cailynn is calling. So I will be back for more!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Meeting Lori and family!

Over 2 years in the making, but last night I finally met Lori. For those that do not know Lori, she is one of my best online friends and co-owner of our site We have been pregnant with ALL of our children at the same time. Malikye her oldest and Christopher are only 3 months apart. Kyan and Carissa are 1 month apart. Natayla and Cody are 8 days apart and Cailynn and Lilyana are 2 weeks apart. It was so awesome to finally meet and get our families together! I only wish we had more time. We met for dinner at our little Simi Town Center a.k.a our "Mall" and let the kids play in the play area and then headed off to California Pizza Kitchen. It was one of the craziest dinner parties I have seen in a long time. We had 6 adults and 11 children! Lori's sister, brother in law and their 3 kids were with us. All of the kids got along great. Carissa wanted to keep Naty!

I know you really are just wanting to see pictures! So here is a teaser! I will load the rest onto my photo gallery site tonight.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cody's Birthday BBQ

Yesterday we had Cody's birthday BBQ. We really only had family over but we had a great time! Auntie Norma had a cake made by her cousin that just makes cakes for fun right now but it was seriously the hit of the BBQ. Everyone absolutely loved the look of the cake and when it was time to cut it up, oh my was it just absolutely one of the best cakes we have ever had. Chocolate with real bananas and banana pudding!
We are going to the cemetery to visit Mom and then I will upload more pictures of the BBQ fun. I will also have more pictures of a fun day with Lori!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am Blogging!

I haven't blogged before but we are going to try this out and see how it works out. I may change my mind a million times on the layout and design so bare with me. I love change and you will notice that pretty quickly. It is 2:27 A.M and I am awake because I fed Cailynn and got up and just randomly decided to blog. I will do crazy things like this. For now I will go visit with the sand man and be back to let you know about our fun and exciting weekend.